New bird documented

Well, not exactly…? They didn’t know what the male’s plumage looked like. Poor bird…revealed itself, and is going to be rewarded by getting tests run.

Such a pretty bird too, I just hope that they don’t do testing that takes his life.

Well, genetic tests don’t usually require killing the specimen (all they want to check is the specific genetic difference between this species and the other one it resembles and, for that, all they need is a couple of samples of blood) but, even if he ends up dead (which I would truly, truly HATE!), if it means that they can save the species from extinction, it would be worthwhile, no?

What a beauty. I am surprised how big it is.

I was really hopeing that they would not do this, but they killed this bird. … oversy.htm

I’m really upset. Considering the population size, I think science could have waited. Breeding in captivity would have been a smarter choice than killing the poor thing.Edit: Thank you for sharing the update,

Especially since it was killed to add to a museum collection, with possible testing later on. Would love to return the favor to this individual. Oops ! Shut up, Wolf, be nice.

That is about right. When the Tasmanian Tiger was declared rare people went out to get them before they went extinct. That leads to why it became extinct.Wolf, lets track the guy down and deal with him.

I just thought of this, but…they could have even tagged him. Tracked down the nest. Tagged the babies, etc.

There are so many options that they could have used and that is why so many people are up in arms over this, including myself.