New bird species and already in danger!

Sheesh, they just discovered a brand new species and, in the process, they already determined is in danger of extinction… We are killing everything! … -242789930

I don’t imagine it escaped detection until the 21st century because it was around in huge numbers and widely distributed. Those species are always on the edge. It probably has been for a long time. They’re usually one invasive species away from trouble.

Actually, it did escape detection because they thought they were the same species as the one that lives much higher over the sea level as they do [the Mountain ones versus the new one called the Willard or something].

The fact that we wiped out the passenger pigeon has always amazed me. Nowadays, the best thing that can happen to a species is to be a game animal. Look at the turkey. They are protected and managed to have large enough populations to be hunted. Whitetail deer are another over-success story. Back when they passenger pigeons were hunted to extinction, it was different. It was market hunting and not recreational. They damn near wiped out the ducks. (We could use some market hunting of these damn Canada Geese!! lol)

Yes, sadly, you are correct. If we can eat it or kill it for fun, we make sure we have enough of them. Doesn’t say much about the human race, does it?