New family member

Today we purchased an Indian Ringneck, she is not DNA tested, but appears to be a female. She is kind of creamy white with pale green and some yellow. She isn’t bright but she is so very lovable. She was hatched in June. We got her at bird show so she is pretty tired today but she will cuddle with me. We named her Baby. We had bought a 2nd cage for our Sun Conure that we have purchased but not brought home, so now we can buy another cage.

There was also a guy calles steve Austin who hosted a t,v program CALLED SNAKE HUNTER hes south african i just though you mght enjoy that prgramme ; CaitlinRice413 wrote:Have you watched the video from the post on here called “the cutest parrot video on youtube” (or something similar)? It is the cutest ever nd now my husband says to me “you’re so cute, weeee” and he wants one now. But we just got a new birdie too! We picked up our illiger’s macaw yesterday, it was a pretty far drive because they aren’t very common. His name is Stephen and he is so smart and sweet and awesome!! I named him that because a lot of my favorite guys are named Stephen, like Stephen Jenkins and Steve Irwin especially. And Stephen King, I have read way too many books by him. Omg I am so excited and happy to have him home. He is very inquisitve about everything I show him and he is picking up targeting really well. He talks a little bit too! He kept saying ‘good boy’ on the way home. I hope you have a lot of fun with your new birdie too!