New To The Forum. Weening Budgie Off Seed Diet and Doing Some Target Training!

Hi, my name is Kristen and I am new to the forum. I have a budgie named blue. He is actually a green bird but I had the name picked out before I got him, and it seems to suit him! I’ve had him for about five months and he was completely wild and untamed when I got him. He eats treats from my hand now, and I’m working on trying to target train him.

He doesn’t seem too interested in the target stick though, so if anyone has any tips I would be very grateful. I was told he was a boy when I got him but I think he/she may be a girl. I think it may be too early to tell yet. He was also on an all-seed diet which I know is really bad for his health. I’m trying to get him to eat fresh vegetables by mixing his seeds into the veggies so that he has to dig around to get them. If you’ve ever dealt with a picky bird please tell me your solutions.

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Welcome to the Forum! I have picky eaters as well, so it will be interesting to see how everyone has switched their feathered babies diets over to pellets, fruits, and veggies!

OMG. That is so funny. My wife and I got a budgie that we adopted and named him blue. He was so funny and wasn’t blue at all. Well, he had a shade of blue when we got him but started to turn more of a greenish blue color.

wow, not bad progress for a completely untamed budgie. It seems like you guys have a good bond from what I read, especially since he is already eating out of your hand. Keep us updated on how the target training goes! I think some tips for target training would be to build up a lot of patience and be persistent with training sessions. Eventually, he will catch on. But, you don’t want to stress him out to the point that he doesn’t like training sessions. Just take it slow and do them for a few minutes everyday! :parrot:

Boy do I feel your pain! The babies I have came from all seed diet and we are trying so hard to get them off. It is a weird thing because you can’t introduce pellets immediately. We have to slowly mix it in but they seem to ignore them. It’s not like we can completely take the seed away, then they wouldn’t eat!

Keep us updated on the progress and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I will keep working hard with Blue😄

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