Newbie ordeal -

Just wanted to post & get some advice about preventing what happened to my poor boy earlier tonight I’m new to birdkeeping & had what can only be described as a newbie ordeal when Joey my Eastern Rosella got himself stuck behind my tv earlier tonight I’d been installing some new toys into his cage & was really happy to see him come climbing out of his cage with me still there. I’ve only had him 3 days & he’s never done this before - he normally waits until I’m away from his cage - so I let him out to have another little mooch around… he has two spots he flies to from his cage - the tv just a few feet away and a tall cabinet on the opposite side of the room. He perches on top of the tv - this had worried me when he first did it yesterday to be honest but he seemed ok up there so i left him (lesson learned). It’s a wall mounted flat screen so only a couple of inches wide. He must’ve lost his footing on the slippery surface & dropped down the back of it & couldn’t fly back up. The back of the tv has a grill type section with little holes in - he stuck his claws into that & just stayed there. Everytime i went near him he panicked & flapped his wings but stayed clinging on, squawking like mad. This made me think his claws were actually stuck so i made the situation worse by trying to rescue him… I spent about half an hour having different attempts at toweling him (something I’d never done before - I quickly checked the net for instructions then jumped straight in at the deep end). At one point i managed to free one of his claws from the grill (I was very very gentle) but as soon as i let go he just clung back on for dear life - even clinging on with his beak. I got his perch out of his cage and offered it to him but he was too scared to come close. (Offered him my finger too and he squawked something like “Yeah right!” at me!). After several attempts I realised my fussing was actually making him cling on tighter so I put a small table underneath the tv and laid his perch on top then I left the room…Came in after a few minutes to see him sat on his perch. Oh the relief! He just sat very quiet for a while but then starting chirping & whistling and rolling across the table on his perch which was still just balanced on top of it. There was me thinking he would be, at best, injured and there he was rolling back & forth on his perch like a circus performer & chirruping away I feel so bad for not realising the tv was such a potential hazard How do i make it safe for him? I dont want to stop him coming out of his cage as he enjoys it so much but have no other room but the living room to let him exercise in. Any ideas on how I can block it so he cant slip down the back? One of the “toys” i was installing was a natural bark perch to sit outside his cage. After flying back to his cage he perched on that for a while so I’m hoping that one will replace the tv as his fave new perch. Thanks for listening, any advice very much appreciated

Myrtles first flight she caught the tip of her wing in the ceiling fan. She flies low now.I don’t think he will perch there again but you could use a strip of wood to fill some of the gap.