NJ won't breed pheasants for hunting any longer

Can you believe that NJ is planning on spending $750,000 bringing in pheasants bred in Pa so hunters can kill them? I find the notion of using my tax dollars to make people who think that killing defenseless animals [the poor things are captive-bred so it’s like shooting a sitting duck for heavens’ sake!] is fun absolutely offensive!https://www.nj.com/news/2018/12/nj-has- … -them.html

Probably done with hunting license money. That’s where MA DFW get that money. MIn MA, $10 is also a wildlands stamp. That money goes to buy land that will forever be open to hunting and fishing, so it won’t be developed Not sure how I feel about pheasant stocking. They’re an invasive species when you get right down to it. They’re taking habitat from quail and partridge. They’re taking hiring pressure off them, too.

I am sorry but no matter how you slice it, it comes up peanuts! First of all, I sincerely believe that anybody who finds pleasure in killing a defenseless animal is a person who lacks empathy and, as such, has a brain that has not evolved enough because, if you look at history, you clearly see that humanity has moved away from violence at a steady rate. It might not go as fast as some of us would want it but it has followed that direction without the shadow of a doubt. Secondly, it should be fairly easy for the poor evolution challenged people to find their pleasure in virtual reality instead of actually killing an animal that would not even know enough to get away from them and that, most likely, actually approaches humans looking for food as these are animals that were captive bred and have no survival skills. Third, the Fish and Game depts should all be disbanded as all they do is protect game for hunters and have not and never will protect the animals. Hunting is morally wrong unless itś done for food and the number of people who actually needs to hunt for food in USA is close to zero because most poor people are not located in areas where itś legal to hunt.

Stocked pheasants flush and fly away from people just like “wild” pheasants, if there is such a thing. They tend to run rather than hold and flush, which actually makes them harder to hunt as it takes a better dog to get them into the air. I don’t eat meat at all any more, but I’d rather eat something I shot myself than a chicken raised and killed on a factory farm. If I’m going to eat it, I’m killing it, one way or the other. I should, at least, have the stomach to pull the trigger yourself.

You are correct and I will be the first to admit that there is a huge hypocrisy in my position. I have no moral qualms about eating an animal as long as the animals has been raised for food, it has had a good life -very questionable when it comes to farms that raise animals for hunting, and a human life. I could not do it but I have no problem with somebody else doing it as long as itś the right way. But killing an animal for the fun of it? There is something very sick about that…But, John, there are chickens that were raised the right way and killed humanely -the pastured ones with the Humane seal on them.

I don’t know. If I eat meat again it will be a wild animal I killed myself. Probably one of these damn Canada Geese there are too many of!! I’m not very sincere about not eating meat. They accidentally put bacon on my egg and cheese wrap, and I just ate it.