No leg ID band=no air travel?

Hi all!We’re planning on vacationing out of the country next year for between a month to two months (not sure yet). I just realized that my parrotlet does not have an ID leg band, and I’m worried that this might interfere with getting her through the airport animal security (this is going to be the first time going on an airplane with her). I’m not sure why she doesn’t have a leg band. I’ve researched and found out that some parent raised birds aren’t given bands, or the breeders decided not to. Most of the larger birds at the bird store have ID bands, but almost all of their smaller ones–like my parrotlet–don’t. I’ve also read stories of people bringing their parrots with them on flights then ran into all sorts of problems involving waaaay too much time (and some of the poor people weren’t even allowed onto their flight! ) I have had Gylfie for over 3 years now, and I never thought this could become a problem…So…just curious if anyone can tell me more about this I really don’t want to board my bird for over a month (we would both be stressing out so badly!), and I don’t know any other parrot people i trust to take proper care of Gylfie that I know.Thanks in advance!

Birds when travelling in certain regions are required to have papers or a certified vet check. When arriving in the new country they can be quarantined for up to 6 months as well, although this is region specific. Ring your airline or local airport, they should be able to advise you on these procedures.

Rebecca is 100% correct, they do require a Health Certificate (even when flying within the country) and taking a parrot to another country is iffy at best (soooooo many things can go wrong…)

Alright thanks Eric&Rebecca and Pajarita!!