Nobody is perfect

Though an overused phrase, I don’t think it can possibly hold any less truth.Just a friendly reminder to appreciate how your birds can be so incredibly patient and forgiving with you. They put up with a lot of our crazy antics, after all,I constantly feel discouraged when I mess up.I set unrealistic standards for myself like I have to “prove” something, and only ending up failing in the process each time. But, that might be a human thing, I don’t even know. Sometimes, I realize what I feel isn’t that far off of how the average person feels after all.Lucy’s helped a lot surprisingly, by being the butt that she is (hence the nickname: “Lucy-butt”), and trying to make everything harder for me to do by “helping” (really, I think she just wants to play with whatever I have in my hands, as the world is her toy). I’ve been able to laugh at more of the mistakes I make, than I ever have in the past. Heck, even Dudley’s helped a bit too. He can be surprisingly forgiving for a grumpy old bird, and he’s patient with me. Though, the less patient I get with him, the less he gets with me, so I guess he’s kind of forcing me to be patient. We as humans, can really learn a thing or two from our pets. When you think about how forgiving, patient, humorous, and compassionate they can be, sometimes it feels like they have more humanity than us. Alas, no one is perfect though, and the best thing we can do is understand that.But that is all. I hope you don’t mind my short ramblings.

I don’t mind at all! I agree with you and appreciate the reminder.