Not bird related but still very upsetting

today young sita at the age of 6 was mauled to death by a male tiger today. sita is a orange Bengal tiger who was born and raised in a big cat park in new zealand (made famous by the lion man tv show) in may last year a keeper was mauled to death and hit headlines across the world so you may know of the park through that. sita is a tiger who is very timid and shy she had lived with her mother for her whole life she was taken away from her mother and put in with a male tiger and was killed today. its is very upsetting as i watched this tiger grow up in front of me i will attach a photo of her i took in 2005may you rest in piece sita with your older sibling, shia and abu (other cats who have died)

Oh how sad! I wonder why they didn’t just leave her with her mom?

Was it a part of a breeding program?

I’m sorry to hear that. I thought zoos were very careful about that kind of introduction, and it is, indeed terribly sad.

i cant say bad thingsd about the park because of legal stuff i dont want defimation against me…but lets just say i am very against this park, and yes parks are SUPPOSED to be carefull…sita would never of been right for breeding there are numerous other femal cats at the park suitable for breeding. i think she was put in with a cat called jhadu because the only other male at the park is her fatherand red moppet iv been wondering the same thing…she was separated from her mum once before and put by her self and she didn’t handle it at all…so she was put back with her mother so i dont see how the park would have thought putting her in with a MALE tiger made any difference

howw sadd!! rip sita <3

thats terrible. you would think something that rare and majestic. you would be more careful… RIP.