Not sure what this means.... please help

So Ive noticed this action before in my parrotlet and I thought because of his breathing problems it was just something he did. So tonight Basil, my Senegal, was tweeting and talking and then he started opening his mouth like a yawn, but did it many times in a row. I thought it was cute so I did it with him after he did like 10 in a row… He is fine, no tale feather shaking like when they are having a hard time to breath, nothing in his nostriles… no discharge or boogies if you will… He did it like he was playing… Has anyone seen this before or is my parrot ok? he isnt sick at all… he is molting though… thank you!!!

My kids yawn even in the afternoon before their naps. They can make me yawn and I can trigger them to yawn. Who knew?

Yeah, my GCC does a stretching gesture with her beak sometimes that looks like a yawn combined with a bobbing neck movement. She does it very occasionally, it’ll be like three in a row, and usually it happens when she’s scratching the side of her face with her foot (like she’s really enjoying a good scratch or something). I’m not sure what it’s about, but it looks like its just stretching.Basil may end up doing it more if you copied him