Off Topic Thread- Any Artists?

Whew I haven’t posted in a while! I know there is a thread about parrot drawings but how many people here really like to create art? Also I’m curious as to what the rest of you guys like to depict in your art and the mediums you use. I really like doing drawings of animals. If any of you guys have a DeviantArt or perhaps an account on another art sharing page leave a link!Here’s mine

Hi there, nice sketches you have - such precise realism! I’ll add you to my DA I enjoy fine and mixed media, including digital – although I have yet to paint my bird, but I plan on doing so. I also enjoy sewing and have some upcoming parrot-oriented projects that I’ll share in the future.I know Eurycerus and CaitlinRice are both AMAZING artists but I haven’t seen either on here in a while.

I have yet to really expand to other mediums but I really should so a sketch of my bird. Also, I can’t wait to see your upcoming parrot related projects! I couldn’t find anything on Eurycerus but I saw some of CaitlinRice’s work and it’s amazing!BTW Thanks for the feedback and follow!

Being 14, I’m nowhere near professional. But I consider myself a decent artist. I like to draw from pictures (either John James Audubon’s paintings or actutal pictures I may find in Nat. Geo magazines). I’ve drawn J.J Audubon’s painting of Carolina Parakeets, a headshot and a sketch of a lesser-prairie chicken from Audubon magazine, and a fox with an egg in its mouth from Nat. Geo.I would love to have a drawing tablet, and I’m jealous of everybody who does. Your drawings are very nice, Papaya, I love the songbird (is it a bunting?) and the phoenix. I draw phoenixes too, but they’re a bit more stylized. Do you use charcoal? Oh! And I almost forgot, I do pixel art as well as simple frame-by-frame animation. I have a animation of a golden eagle here I made for something. Made on a laptop with Paint, I think I did quite well.I have yet to draw Peanut, I’m still practicing bird wings. How complex they are!

I wonder if Truman could count as a modern artist? He’s done some interesting redecorating let’s just say

high fives Catlin Yay for origami! Once, during summer camp I attempted to make 1,000 cranes. I had 100… probably made 1,000 if you add up every single crane I’ve made.

Lady Saphine I just turned 14 a few days ago! Regarding what medium I use I don’t use charcoal but pencils in the software I use which is Artrage Studio 3 ( I use a tablet). You made that golden eagle gif on paint? It’s really nice!CaitlinRice are you an artist full time?

I bow to the better artist. xD Like I said, I either draw by hand or do pixel art. I really wish I had a tablet, so I could do undo and color in my drawings. Very nice work, though!I also have a Flickr too, just uploaded a ton of bird pictures. On the camera, they look okay but on the computer I’m so surprised of professional they look. The earlier photos were with a terrible camera. :confused: Click! I also have a picture of some parrots- Peanut, a cockatoo, and some wild


I bow to the better photographer Your pictures are amazing, but um how did you get such a closeup picture of that rattlesnake?