Oldest momma bird at it, again!

And Wisdom still continues to amaze scientists not only with her longevity (she is now 66 and they all thought these birds lived to be only 45) and her fertility (she produced a perfect baby last year at 65 years of age!) but now, with her incredible prolific reproduction capability (these birds don’t breed every year but she is, again, sitting on an egg!). Enjoy!http://www.livescience.com/57177-oldest … again.html


Amazing and very heartwarming. BW

I guess their eggs don’t get old like humans.

Although female birds are born with a number of eggs to be produced by their only working ovary and, once the ‘stock’ is depleted, that’s it for them (like hens, for example, which were genetically engineered to produce eggs daily and do so for about 3 or 4 years even though they can live for years after that -up into their twenties!), birds don’t go through any sort of menopause, they continue going into breeding condition and producing eggs until they die. But it’s different with pet birds because the life we give them is so unnatural and unhealthy that it causes them to age in a completely different way (they develop all kinds of health issues that wild birds never get like high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, kidney malfunction, diabetes, thyroid issues, etc).

I’m so happy not to be a bird ! Motherhood at 66 I shudder at the thought.

I hear you! I take care of a couple of grandkids in the afternoon and I end up exhausted!

Just got back an hour ago from my Daughters. Doing the Grandchildren sitting and dinner for them.Do this after school three days a week. OH and I take it in turns or sometimes together. Fortunatley they are 6 and 10 and at school.