Opinions on a particular sanctuary, please. Thank you

Cape fear sanctuary in North Carolina.Are the birds truly ok all year including winter???Is peanuts in shells and pasta ok for them? Will they get diseases from other parrots? Will they feel protected if spooked outdoors?Can they get West Nile? What if there’s a storm or natural disasters???I like the owners mindset. And they do not adopt out. It’s a “forever” home. It’s a possibility I’m looking into. A gut wrenching ng descision for my birds whom mean most everything to me in this world. So please give me input and opinions to consider. Thanks

I am sorry, I used to believe that sanctuaries were the answer but I no longer do. If a rescue is a bad place for a pet parrot, a sanctuary is worse. Let me explain. I think a sanctuary is a great place for ex-breeders, zoo parrots, aviary species or any other parrot that has not imprinted to humans but, for a pet bird that is used to a loving human, to live without a human of its own is not a good life because most of them will not bond to another bird so, if they have no human, they have nobody and that means misery to a parrot. But, assuming they do get used to it, what are the chances of them remaining in the same situation until the end of their lives? Not good, I am afraid. Look what happened at Coombs. It started out wonderful - lady was committed, love the parrots, husband had money and was generous to his wife, etc. But, then, the lady got old and the whole thing started going downhill, then she died and the husband did not want to continue paying so he kind of washed his hands of the hundreds of birds that were in there. In came the ASPCA and Greyhaven to rescue the birds (rescue them from the sanctuary, mind you!) and the rescue people has spent a loooooong time rehabilitating these birds because they had been so severely neglected not only health wise but also from sheer lack of human company and interaction. And they still have over 70 birds that only now are ready for adoption - after more than 2 years!I

So, you think they would be bored and traumatized basically?What do you think of them outside year round including winter?

I just don’t think that not having a human of their own or the continuity of having the same people caring for them (volunteers come and go and VERY few of them last years and years) goes beyond boredom for them. I think it’s a life full of anxiety and stress -they have no flock, no mate, no human, no safety net whatsoever. I also don’t think that sanctuaries have enough knowledgeable people that consistently check the birds twice a day - and, in my personal experience, you need to check on them carefully (appetite, energy, vocalization, poop, etc) twice a day every single day, once in the morning and again in the evening or you might end up missing something serious. As to their being exposed to the elements… well, personally, I am planning on moving back home to South America with all my birds in two or three years and, although the climate there is mild and, as far as temperature or severe weather phenomenons (you know, like floods or storms or tornadoes or whatever) is great, I still will not have them in outdoor aviaries all year round - sheesh! I am not even going to let them spend a night out in the open in the middle of the summer! I don’t think that pet birds are strong enough to be exposed to the elements all the time… maybe not even in the country of origin of the species because captive-bred is not a product of natural selection but instead a very weak copy of the wild birds and what would be nothing to a wild bird can be devastating to a captive-bred, especially if the poor thing is under chronic stress.