Other Kinds Of Pets

Have you had any kinds of pets other than birds in your life at one point or another? Did you grow up with a family dog, cat, fish, reptile or other animals?

On top of my birds I own a 6 year old domestic medium hair cat. We got her from the Humane Society two years ago. She is not aloud in the same room as the birds when they are out of their cages. Her interest in them has diminished quite a bit, but I still wouldn’t trust her.When I was still living with my parents, we had a cat. She had been abandoned by previous owners, probably when they moved away and didn’t want to bother bringing her. She found us and didn’t want to leave. Sadly, she passed away in 2007.

That is unfortunate. My family had a dog that I grew up with. She was sick and we were told by a vet that she was in terrible, constant pain. It broke my heart but my parents had her euthanized in March of this year.

Thankfully my life has always been filled with animals Current pets, not including my amazon:- 5 year old Boxer X Black Lab my husband bought for me as a puppy- 1 year old Boxer X American Bulldog that we adopted from a local rescue. We fostered him and 3 (out of 8) littermates when they were seized from their owners. We just couldn’t let him go - 120 gallon African Cichlid fish tank- 19 year old horse that lives on the family farm with my parentsWe also foster dogs for a local rescue so we always have an extra dog or two in the house. Growing up I had hamsters, turtles, fish, farm cats, farm dogs, canaries, and I was lucky enough to take care of a pair of doves for a couple of months.Sorry to hear that Natacha and Kathleen. My family dog had to be put down around Christmas in 2006. I still miss her.

I was a very lucky girl when i was young we had lots of dogs and cats, my father was a vet and my mum never new what he was bringing home next, all my life I have never been without a dog, at the moment i have a GSD and a old border collie and four silver back dorkling chickens and i love them allmel xx

Fish: I have always been deeply intrested in fish and have been caring for fish ever since my 6th birthday. Now I have multiple breeding tanks, am a lead source in my local club, I have a few planted display tanks and three cichlid tanks(African rift, Upriver Amazon, and a Discus w/tetra tank)Reptiles: female Western hognose snake that I recived for my 10th birthday, african softshell turtle now gone. Two golden geckos that died of a coldfront and a loss of powerAmphibians: My first pet ever was a firebellied toad that my parents helped me take care of a few months before I got my first fish. This was the animal that help prove I coulde handle fish and lived a happy 4 years.Dogs: Junie my female American dingo is my first dog and right now my only dog, we got her when I was about six, she is probly the reason I like australia so much. Pringles, female ran away, we rescued her as a puppy that was abused and tossed into the blueridge state park, my older sister was especially fond of herFemale cats: Alive-Raven and Arya. Gone- Spunky, CloverMale cats: Firecracker was my cat, we got him after my dads cat ran away(can’t spell his name), he excaped while we were on vacation, and Smoke who ran away four years ago.Others: 75+ Dwarf hamsters, Chiwhawha named Conceal, a few hermit crabs, and a scorpian

right now i have 2 cats (one if mine) and a rabbitover the year we have had a rottweiler, a jack russel one other cat rabbits, guniea pigs rats fish and frogs

The only other pet in the house is a mutt, Bonnie, she’s four years old and she’s been with our family since she was a pup, she’s been my dog since she was 2 yrs. I saved her from my crazy family when I moved out and she lights up my life now. We had her dad too, my dad has had him since my parents divorced. He’s 7. In the past I’ve had hamsters (way too many of them), an iguana named Wishbone that we found sick outside, beta fish, 2 budgies, a 7 year old cat that lives with my mom now, and a few other dogs and a cat that were rehomed or passed away.With just a dog and a Sennie, I’m at my boyfriend’s pet limit and that’s probably for the best. I’m very sorry to hear about others’ loss of pets. I can’t imagine what it will do to me when my Bonnie passes away. Dogs just don’t live long enough. That’s part of the reason I opted for a bird, because of the long life span.

ive had pets sicne i was about 6. the first cat we got was a stray cat that we found in our back yard but she got attacked by dogs when she was 6 years old our second cat was also a stray and we still have him then we found a dog we think its a cairn x and we got her a few months ago. ive’ also had some rats and a 30 gallon tropical fish tank. my dad never would have gotten any pets because he doesent like them but i convinced him for every single pet we have hehehehe so its all my fault

It 's so nice to see others with multiple pets. Around here I’m one of the few so I stand out as a bit of an oddball:We have 4 dogs. A 13-year old retriever, a 4-year old Amercian Bulldog (rescue), a 4-year old Miniature Dachshund, and a 10m old Catahoula X (rescue). I used to show dogs, both in conformation and obedience. I started obedience training again with the puppy, and might be teaching this fall. Could be fun!2 cats. Both are calicos. One is 12, the other 8.I’ve always had a snake. Currently I have a 6 year old Vietnamese Blue Beauty. When the kids were little we tried smaller lizards…anoles and curly-tails. My daughter also had hermit crabs at one point.I have a flock of 13 exotic, rare/heritage breed chickens. We’re getting 5 more hens and 2 turkeys next month.We also have horses. Again, we used to show and breed. Now we just pleasure ride.I have 3 fish tanks. A community tank I’ve had off and on for 25 years. A larger goldfish tank, and a salt-water tank. I’ve had other tanks, but I’ve been downsizing.I also have a colony of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. I originally got them for a teaching lab I was supposed to put together at work…but then ended up taking them home. I still use them for ‘show and tell’ for teaching purposes.