Oven with steam clean option

So, my inlaws got us a new fridge and stove, and my new stove has a steam clean option. I am not sure if I can use it with the birds though. I know that self clean is for sure out of the question, but im not so sure about this steam clean option?The manual says that I can put water in the bottom of the stove and it steams the inside of the oven and then I mop up the water. Anyone else have an oven like this? I wont use it unless I know its safe, its just not worth the risk, but I have been unable to find a firm answer so thought I would try here. The manual says not to use the self clean option around birds, but does not make any comment regarding the steam clean option.

If it is only water you poor into it and the steam is just water it shouldnt cause a problem (But I dont have an owen like that) but watersteam itself isnt harmful to birds, well if their being steamed they get burnt, but if you steam water somewhere it is like cooking a pot of water… but might happen something in these owens I cant think about making the steam toxic or whatever, like a teflon lining or something… /shrug.I got an autoclave here wich is basicly a pressurecooker steaming stuffs (a big one like they use to clean surgical instruments etc at the hospitals, and if I have something to run through it I just do that,including some toys that can handle 130 celcius and the foodbowls etc, although it is in another room and airtight in order to be able to create a vacuum, but when you open it up it still steams out… Ive never even thought about distilled water being steamed could cause a problem for the birdies. But if it is, please someone provide the info here and I’ll move the clave to another house.

Autoclaves should be perfectly safe. They’re made out of metals (stainless steel) that can’t possibly “follow” the steam in any way. I’ve used tonnes of autoclaves in the same environment as birds and other animals, not the same rooms though (Veterinary hospitals) and i really can’t think if any way that could be a problem. I use a hand held steam cleaner myself for perches and toys, works great.As for the oven i souldn’t worry myself, i find it hard to think they use teflon (which is a kund of plastic, that’s why the fumes are toxic) in ovens, but of course i can’t guarantee you i’m right. I’d make a call to the manufacturer and ask, they should probably know.

I wasnt concerned so much with the steam it gives off, more, if it gets hot enough on that setting to give off fumes. When i first got the oven I had to heat it over 400 degrees for an hour, and it seemed to do some off gasing then. The birds were living with my parents at the time though.

Neither steam nor ovens are dangerous to birds. It is the teflon lining that is used in self cleaning ovens which when overheated (during self cleaning or possibly during normal cooking) is toxic and can kill birds. The key is for you to find out if that specific model contains teflon or ptfe based coatings.