Owl kills canary

This was in the news. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/owl-swoops-idaho-apartment-kills-caged-canary-article-1.1910394Be careful out there!

Yes, aside from the possibility of catching parasites and disease from wild birds, predation is another issue when putting birds outside.

I know to be careful outside, but might have missed the possibility of a a bird INSIDE in a cage being killed because it was near an open window.Window screens keep out more than bugs.

In Slovene mythology, an owl escorts souls to the afterlife. How can such a cutie be so evil!

Until joined this forum I never even thought that there were people without screens on their windows.One time I heard a thud and all my birds screamed. I ran to them and heard another thud on my way. Just as I got there I saw that the thud was caused by an owl hitting the sunroom window. That owl was really determined to have yellow cockatiel for lunch. I had to stay with them for a good while and calm them.Please invest in screens or tack sheer curtains on the windows.