Papaya Makes Her Theatric Debut

Here you are guys! … 25akbS5bo=

Shes Great !!! I have to use a spray bottle for all mine [too scared] They wouldnt like it .Like she does

Aww! You people with rainforest parrots are so lucky that they enjoy bathing so much. So cute!

It’s amazing how much she loves water. When we walk near the bathroom she’s straining her head trying to get it. Also, when I set her down on the counter she jumps in the sink before I even turn the water on! I try to limit her baths but my will power is weak. I guess another factor of owning a parrot is the water bill!

Cute papaya! Does he, she eat papaya? My first bird loved papaya.

DanielA wrote:Cute papaya! Does he, she eat papaya? My first bird loved papaya. How are ur lovebirds doing?

My macaw tries to bath like that in our bathroom sink… unfortunately it’s not as cute and usually ends with clatter of whatever happend to be sitting AROUND the sink falling to the floor… she will spend a good 20 minutes in the REAL shower, but if you run the bathroom sink while she’s in there afterwords she dives right in.

The whole reason we named her Papaya was the fact that she adores papaya

How adorable ! Yoshi likes to have baths in the sink like that too. He doesn’t get right into it like Papaya but he sticks his little face in. Anyways, Papaya is absoulotly wonderul and precious.