Parent raised vs. raised by a human, pro's and con's?

i was wondering if being raised by bird parents vs being raised by humans has a lot of effect on the he alth and tameness of a bird in later life. when i was getting my cockatiel about 18 years ago i was told by many people that i would never get it tame enough if i bought one that had been raised by birdy parents. i did eventually pick this option because those birds seemed healthier to me and had no trouble getting it tamed. it has been ages since i got this info so I’m wondering what you guys think and if anyone has any experience regarding the difference?

I got Rocko and Loki from a petstore and Rocko is very attached to me still working on Loki I only have him 2 weeks but hes sorta tame.Rocko is fully tame and harness trained and everything,

Everything depends on the species and the circumstances. For example, taming a wild caught amazon is VERY difficult, takes a looooong time and only doable if the bird has no other bird around but taming a cockatiel is easy even when you have a pair. Personally, my birds don’t need to be my pets and as long as they are happy and healthy, I am happy too so I always prefer the parent-raised regardless of the species because it’s ALWAYS 10,000 times physically and, most of all, emotionally healthier for the bird to be raised by its own parents but then my birds live with other birds in a room which makes it easier for the non-people friendly birds to have a good life.