Parrot Appearances

My baby budgie is starting his first molt and will lose his sweet baby bars! This has me wondering how other parrots change physically during maturation. It seems to me that many species get more colourful or gain in looks rather than lose anything, but I’m definitely no expert. So, I would love to hear from people about how your parrots change in looks and see pictures (before and after) if possible! : )

Male Capes lose orange on their heads as they mature. Then, further along, they develop orange on their wings and feet.

rainbow lorikeets develop orange/yellow/red specks in the back part on the base of their neck although some variations and genetic problems can cause them not to have them here is a picture of a baby without them and a picture of a adult with themalso babyies have black beaks but turn orange as they mature … ffffff.jpg … d879_z.jpg

Those rainbow lorikeets are beautiful birds. Thanks for your replies so far, Jessie & Entranced! : )

Baby Red Bellies - both male and female have the red/orange bellies I believe. And females loose the red/orange bellies as they mature. They also start with greyish colored eyes and then they turn to a brilliant reddish/orange color as they mature. I think they look like they are possessed by the devil Senegal’s also start with greyish eyes as babies and as they mature they turn yellow.

Even budgies can change apearances dramatically! Especially the rainbow budgies.Wirrin and Jumper are bred by a friend of mine, Hélène from the dutch budgiesite The pictures are made at 8 weeks and around 1 year. The colours are not changed due to the difference in lighting or picture quality. The colours are absolutely true!

i dont know that much about birds but Rosella Parakeets have green feathers when they are young. in the first two pictures the birds are a couple of months old. they lose the green after about two years and most of the green will change colour like in the third and fourth picture (these pictures are of my Joey). my parakeet has blue feathers but they can also be a mix of yellow, red and blue like in the fifth picture

My baby Jardine’s is all green right now but in a year or so he will develop bright orange on his forehead, shoulders and ankles! I can’t wait to see it!

And what Jardine’s would that be? Does he have a name?

Michael wrote:And what Jardine’s would that be? Does he have a name?'Course he does, silly. It’s “Baby Jardine’s”. She just forgot to capitalize the “B” in “Baby”.