Parrot Band Code

Hi, I am going to buy an African Grey Congo and owner sent me the band code:PVL FL 004If PVL is a breeder code then FL stands for Florida, does 004 mean it was born in 2004?Because owner states it is 4 years old, but he bought it from someone else.And 004 does not look like a year.Please advise.Thank you!

That 004 is probably just the number the breeder assigned to the bird. You might be able to find the age by contacting the breeder, but lots of them reuse the numbers, so he might have had a 004 in 2001, another in 2006, another in 2009, etc. Dates are usually two numbers, like 90, or 04.

And those two numbers are usually engraved accross the band instead of lenghtwise.