Parrot Books that you like Best

Hi there,I was hoping we could all post about out favourite parrot books, or the ones we thinks are really worthwhile to read… I think it would be really interesting to get some opinions on what books you think are good (or not) and seeing as I love buying parrot books it would really be fun for me to read what you have to say.I’ll start: I really like The Parrot Problem Solver by Barbara HeidenreichI like how it really deals with aggression in parrots and focuses on positive reinforcement to counteract it.Plus it changed my opinion on aggression…I always knew not to take it personally when signs of aggression started to show or I got bitten, but I couldnt help feeling like I failed to do my part to prevent it.Now I still feel like I still need to prevent aggression, but I understand that through millions of years of evolution aggression plays a huge part in the survival instinct of a parrot, and that while I can do my utmost best to prevent and avoid aggressive situations, it is something will always be important to work on.

Hello.i read parrot problem solver too, i also think its very good.i saw a book which i think maybe useful by marc morricone its called ask the bird keeper. The man who wrote it has lots of specalist knowlege because he runs or ran a pet shop in nyc!The parrot companion form buggies to mc Caws is also very good ITs written by rosmary low it has lots of useful information.I am curious to know why rosmary low suggests that Pionus parrots (maximilian) can/should only mix with female children. It seems abit odd to me?Any ideas?I Read parts of ultimate parrot on amazion which looks pritty amazing in its brath of scoppe and its beutiffly presented.

I haven’t read a lot of parrot books but I do like “Alex” by Irene Pepperberg. It’s not a self help book or what have you but an intersting read about her time with the famous African Grey. Interesting read…such a smart parrot.

Anything by Sally Blanchard and Barbara H. (can’t spell her last name)