Parrot breeders /Bird stores in London

Any one know of any reputable breeders/stores or rescues that may have hand tame parrots …small to medium sized …senegals/ conures / etc

I got my cockatiel from a breeder who lives in walthamstow, London. She breeds cockatiels and budgies. she cares for her birds very much and they are handtame/handreared. When selling the birds, she gives a care sheet for that particular species of bird, the hatch date of the bird, some of the current seed mix that the bird is in and of course the bird. She is a very good breeder and one that cares for her birds a lot and I recommend her. If you are looking to buy a cockatiel or a budgie, then she is the breeder for you.

I recommend looking around for local pet shops and breeders. Also a quick internet search might help. I think that the websites: are the best. Just select the area, the parrot and it will bring up all the local ones for sale! Good Luck in your search, Cornetto