Parrot causes car crash

This is yet another danger of taking birds out for a drive. I don’t even allow my dogs in the car unless they are in a crate or carrier (well, except the big ones that travel in the back). … -1.2187899

Didn’t read the article but it is against the law in the uk to have an unrestrained animal travelling in cars. They have to be harnessed, crated or contained with dog guards. Not that that stops people having them loose of course much like the mobile phone ban and speed laws.Personally I think anyone who doesn’t restrain their pets is stupid no matter how well behaved they are. Doesn’t take much to hurl your pet through the windscreen in an accident, someone might be 100% sure of your driving ability but are they 100% sure of everyone else’s?

EXACTLY! You have no idea how many times we, at Waggin’ Tails, had to canvas the woods looking for a dog that ran away when the car it was travelling in had an accident! People just don’t use any common sense…

It looks like the first mistake was allowing the parrot to drink coffee.Then came the mistake of letting it loose in the car.

I think that the person just wanted to try and avoid a reckless driving ticket. I can open any cup of coffee with one hand without even looking at it , while driving. I agree it is not a good idea to let your bird out in the passenger compartment of a vehicle, but don’t blame your own errors in judgment on the bird.

We aren’t supposed to eat or drink at the wheel either by law. I think most people do though. I can understand people eating or drinking if they are really careful and happy to risk spillages but I can’t understand having unrestrained family members. Most people wouldn’t risk having a child unrestrained so why it’s do common with pets I don’t know

I can’t fit the Amazon cage in my van so I was just going to use harnesses. With this thread I have decided that they have to suffer a little to travel. I will put Myrtle back in her original cage (she is going to hate having the door closed. I will put Rambo is Lola’s old cage. Rambo will tolerate anything to go bye bye but I hate to think how Myrtle will feel being closed up in the tiny cage she had to live in for the first year of her life.

I know the struggle, Liz-though on a slightly smaller scale. Due to the medical emergency of a family member, we had to pack up everything and leave immediately for a five hour drive. No time to drop the birds off for someone to babysit for a few days. Fajr went into the travel cage and Lemon and Clover went into the cat carrier they came in, and while we were there, Lemon and Clover lived in Fajr’s regular cage while Fajr lived in his travel cage. Couldn’t take Lemon and Clover’s regular cage as it can’t fold up and our van couldn’t fit it.I seriously can not imagine who would think it would be a good idea to take birds out in a car.

I am dreading it. The cockatiels were a real adventure. Amos and Andy were separated in another part of the van. I covered the two cages that the thirteen were in but the cover shifted and they took turns peaking through the opening to see what I was doing. It was 9 pm before they stopped calling each other. It was 10 pm before they stopped complaining.I just hope Rambo doesn’t start yelling HELP when I do a pee stop. I’ll come back and have people looking in the windows for the kid I left in there. That is how I first met him. My neighbor went to work but I could hear a kid yelling in her house. I found a window to peak into and came beak to nose with him. When my niece came to visit she thought the same thing. I had to lift her up to look in the window.

When is this trip due to happen?