Parrot clubs/ organizations

Hello all,For 12 years I grew up working and volunteering at one of the largest avian facilities here in the US. It was a childhood dream come true that fueled the fire within me and created a deep passion for parrots. When I graduated high school, I had to unfortunately walk away from the deepest love of my life in order to pursue college and a career. Here I am 10 years later. I just purchased a baby senegal and the fire inside is ignited once again! I am so excited! I am wanting to get involved within the parrot community once again, but discovered the owner of the aviary I used to volunteer for has since semi retired. So the community I grew to know and love has kind of scattered around and I have lost contact due to the time that has gone by. I have searched online for organizations and bird groups within my state,but I am coming up short. Owning a parrot is wonderful, but being able to belong to a community where you can share your passion with others is even better. Does anyone know of any websites where I can find organizations or clubs within my state of Ohio?Thank you!

Hey, that’s awesome that you want to help out. I don’t personally know any organizations in Ohio but I do know one organization that you’ll want to get involved with since you have a Senegal and that is Ginger’s Parrots Rescue in Phoenix, AZ. This is a rescue that is primarily focus on rehabilitation, rescue, and adoption of Senegal Parrots! The first of its kind in the country (and possibly the world).Obviously being so far away you won’t be able to do any hands-on volunteer work but they always need virtual help from anywhere as well. For example helping to spread the word, find adopters and donors, and possibly help maintain the site if you are tech-savy. You can also follow/share the rescue on Facebook:

Welcome to the forum! There is Park Country Bird rescue in Spencerville - Ohio Bird Sanctuary in Mansfield - A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Bird Rescue in Brecksville - AERAS in Lebanon - Almost Home in Ashland - Angel Animal Rescue in Middletwon - Auglaize Humane Society in Wapakoneta - Birds Nest Rescue in Akron - Elita Animal and Bird rescue in Elyra and F.A.I.T.H rescue in Hamilton.

Thanks for both of your replies! Unfortunately I’m looking for places closer to home (Central Ohio). It seems when the aviary near me semi-retired, there were no other facilities like it near me! He went from 300+ birds to 20 since my last visit. Makes me a bit sad. Looks like I may have to start my own group. I’d love to have fellow bird lovers get together to talk birds, make toys, learn, and socialize! There has got to be other bird people like myself nearby! Thank you! Have a great day!

Put an ad on CL and see what happens. I am sure there are lots of bird owners near you because, unfortunately for the poor parrots, they have become quite the fad.