Parrot Dander Help And Question?

i got a african grey over 6 months ago paid alot and put alot of time into getting on but when i got the grey home my chest came at me over the feather dust and dander i say i only notice when i stayed away from the grey that my chest got bad are they the worse parrot for dander?? main question are all parrott species the same with loads of dander?? i was thinking about a parakeet a nice size bird but would they have alot of dander as well??

Cocatoos, cockatiels and greys have powder down feathers, which many other species lack entirely. I’m sure there are other species that produce a lot of “dust” but, yes, greys are on the high end of that spectrum. There are things you can do to reduce the amount of dust/dander/powder in your environment, including frequent vacuuming, changing the filters in any A/C unit frequently and getting an air cleaner. But if you have been tested and have a genuine allergy to birds, even getting a less-dusty species may not solve the problem for you. I’d suggest doing a search on this forum for starters, because the topic has come up in the past.

Extra bird baths/showers can help reduce the amount of dander.

Some species are naturally dusty, and other species have oil-glands instead. When you say Parakeets, do you mean Budgies from Australia? There are various species of Parakeets from all over the world.Btw, I noticed in your info… it’s spelled ‘Cockatiel’

I have the same issue with my but i dont wanna give him away…I love him. So ill shower him every 2nd day and move him out of my bed room. Iv also started aking meds for hayfever which helps a bit. Ill clean his cage at least every 2nd day but every day if i can, i find that helps