Parrot Facebook Updates

Be the first to see new updates about Kili & Truman. New images, experimental content, and status updates are posted to the TrainedParrot facebook page frequently.’ve been pondering over how to encourage folks to join my facebook page too who are already members of the forum, subscribed to blog and youtube. I decided the best way to keep it interesting and worthwhile is by posting all the “little things” not worthy of an entire blog article or discussion on the forum to the facebook page. So if one of the parrots just did a cute/funny thing I want to share, I will only be posting it on the facebook page. I will also be providing the inside scoop on new content or content not yet ready for production on main websites.Please share the trainedparrot facebook page with friends and parrot lovers. The more people that follow it, the more inclined I’ll be to post special stuff there.