Parrot Flying Off Cage

Hello,I adopted an Amazon a few weeks ago and everything is going great, but every couple days she flies off her cage door to or near me. Walks up to me or stands right under my legs, not sure what’s going on? Not sure if she’s being aggressive or I’m not giving her enough attention.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks,John

I would say it sounds like she likes you But I will let some one with more experience have the final word.

Does she fly or do a controlled crash? Have you tried offering her your arm?Myrtle was clipped and extremely afraid of everything. She would jump off the top of her cage and crash. Then she would walk to me and climb me like a tree. When she got to my shoulder I would walk her back to the cage. I could not touch her to help her in any way but she wanted help and I was her best chance.

It sounds to me like she wants to have more time with you. Sometimes they want more of a petting and talking type of attention but sometimes they just want the security of the closeness that they get by just quietly perching on us. There is a lot to be said for the benefits of this type of attention for the bird.

It’s trying to get to you, the poor thing is lonely. Amazons are no big on touchy-feely but they do love riding your shoulder and preening you.

Thanks everyone… I agree she needs more attention and I’ve been spending a lot of time with her. John