Parrot For Sale = Scam!

Folks, if you see these “urgent for sale parrot” type things here or elsewhere, beware! It is almost definitely a scam! I’ve heard of scams like this going around facebook and the recent one that was posted here (which I deleted) was IP from Cameroon. Don’t even respond or talk to these people let alone send money!If you are looking to acquire a parrot, it is best to adopt or purchase from a place that you can visit in person. Or at least a reputable breeder whose credentials you can verify through the experience of others. Never send money on promise of getting a parrot. Repeated posts or posts mentioning urgency are nearly always a scam.

Thanks for dealing with that Michael! That was really sickening. I’m just glad that there isn’t some actual parrot being shipped off to the first person who responds.

Yeah I saw that post and was confused by it. There were more? Geeze. Thanks for handling that, Michael.