Parrot fossil in Siberia

This is an article about a single fossil parrot bone found in Siberia. They only found the sum total of ONE bone but even finding one is kind of like a miracle because birds bones, been so light and hollow, don’t stand the test of time so fossils are very hard to come by. But the super interesting thing about it and where they found it is that the old theory that parrots from Africa flew across the Atlantic to reach the Americas is now in doubt and they think that they might have used the land bridge. This actually makes more sense than the flying across the ocean because parrots are not long distance fliers… … 4a4d4238d8

The revelation of a solitary parrot bone in the Baikal locale proposes that the feathered creatures, which today primarily occupy tropical and sub-tropical areas, may once have been far reaching in Eurasia. Nobody before has ever discovered confirmation of their nearness in Siberia," said think about creator Nikita Zelenkov, from the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.