Parrot in a comic book

i was reading the thread about parrots in movies and commercials and came to think of a comic book in belgium where one of the main characters is a parrot. it is a very popular comic and has been around 1955 and is still going strong with a couple of comics coming out every year ( i just read one yesterday )this is the story: the main character is an 11 year old boy named Jommeke and he gets a pet parrot as a present. his name is Flip, he comes from the amazons i believe and is if i remember correctly wild caught. he is super smart and super friendly and likes the ladies… he always wants to marry the pretty girls in the comics and flirts with them. Flip will only bite the bad guys in the comics and he speaks fluent dutch (yes, he talks like a normal person and makes jokes and is a smartass )when Jommeke goes on adventures he will always have his loyal friend with him and Flip is often the hero of the day. they also make him little outfits on these adventures like when they go to the artics he will have a warm winterjacket and snowboats… when they go to the beach he will wear swimshorts and sunglasses…i wonder if these comics have ever made someone buy a parrot?? here is a picture:do you know any other comic books with parrots in them?

I don’t know of any comics with parrots in them, but will ask Husband! I’m sure he would have mentioned to me if there was one (and d/l it for me to read!).I’ll mention this one to him - he’s enamoured with our trio!

Well, there is the series of cartoons that runs in Bird Talk, but that’s not the same thing as a graphic novel.