Parrot killed mouse

Bart, our miniature noble Mccaw is quite a character and seems to have killed 2 mice in his room. I can’t find others reporting this behavior anywhere. Mouse on his side in the am with a beak hole in his side. Two in 5 days! Is this weird or dangerous for Bart?

Parrots are known to get really defensive of their nests and territories. I’ve heard of breeder parrots killing mice and snakes.

I’m curious as to why there are mice in your home and tou don’t seem concerned by it ?

Wow…quite the hunter you have there. I’m a bit concerned about what nasties your bird might pick up from a wild mouse…My baby Sennie has become quite the fly catcher. If one buzzes up to the window he jumps for it and often hits the mark. I suppose it’s good for our birds psychologically to do this sort of thing, but the possibility of illness worries me.

Yes I am concerned about the mouse. It is rate for us but pccaisionally we get one. We feed wild birds and can’t avoid them outside either. But we found the hole and fixed it.