Parrot landed in our tree, we want to get him to his owner

Hello, Today I came out of my shop in our back yard and there was a Parrot in the tree above us. He kept looking down at us and squaking at us. He climbed down lower and lower towards us. He finally flew over to my son and tried landing on his shoulder. My 19 year old son screamed more like a girl than most girls. The Parrot went back into the tree and kept watching us, we gave him a few raw penuts and he seemed friendly. Suddenly he flew down and landed on my back, that was fine till he began biting, squaking loud and fast and drawing a little blood. I shooed him off but he kept coming back and landed on my younger sons shoulder. When the parrot bit him a couple times, we shooed him away again. The bird stayed right above us in the tree, we ignored him to let him relax, didnt want him stressed. I went into my shop and left the door open and he kept looking in but never came in. A bit later I walked to the house and as I was opening the door he landed on my shoulder and rode into the house. I am glad he did just because there are a lot of hawks around here. He finally sat on the kitchen sink faucet and seemed to sleep, he must have been tired. His feathers on his head arent so ruffled, he has calmed down a bit. I can see a band on his leg, its blue, it says florida but I cant read the rest. When we can I will try to read the rest of the numbers and contact a veterinarian to see if we can find the owner. My son has a mouse, we gave the parrot some of the mouses seeds and he seemed to like that. Any suggestions at to what we should do next to keep him safe and get him back to his owner would be greatly appreciated.Thanks, Denny and Chad

Sounds like you’re doing everything right so far under the circumstances. If you cannot find a suitable feed for the bird, he can get by on cooked pasta and fruits (apple, banana, grapes). These are things you’re more likely to find at home and will fill him up to hold him over. Definitely sounds like a tame house parrot that got lost. I suggest taking a picture of the bird and printing with your phone number and posting around the neighborhood as well as forwarding to all local vets (avian and not). As you can imagine, the owner may be frantically searching for the parrot and I’m sure in the same position you’d be eternally grateful if someone returned your pet. If you can get the band number, that may help as well. The FL means the breeder is from Florida but there are many there. You’ll need to get the number and the initials of the breeder to locate them. Then you can contact the breeder and find out the contact info for the buyer of the bird (which may or may not be the current owner).It may not be a bad idea to post a picture of the parrot here as well since this is a somewhat prominent parrot site in case the owner or someone who knows the owner is on here as well as what city you’re in. You can also post that you found the bird on http://parrotalert.comAlso I was just thinking, it may be better not to mention the band number publicly or on the reported found ad. This way if someone contacts you, you can check if they are the real owner or not if they have the band number. It’s really the only test you can use if they are the real owner or just someone looking for a free parrot. Hope everything works out and if you have any further questions feel free to ask here.

Thanks for the reply, That all sounds like good advice. We will do what we can for it.