Parrot minding pool in Melbourne

Hi FolksI would like to know if there are any parrot owners interested in minding each others birds in case someone needs to leave town for a few days or holidays.This would probably require each bird involved to have a disease check (via DNA testing is cheapest) and healthy level of mutual understanding and trust. It would also would be limited by size of bird and bird numbers and indoor/ outdoor constraints.I have a pair of Eclectus Parrots and Green Check Conure. All fly around inside (Conure flies separately). I am not sure if this is within the scope of this forum as it implies person to person contact. Let me know your thoughts.

Welcome to the forum.That I a big problem that we all have. Many just do not leave home and are 24/7 with them. It would be grate to have a member close enough to care for them while you are away but we are spread out all over the world.Your best bet is to find someone local who you can trust. A relative or neighbor could fill in for you with less stress than moving them to another house.

It’s a great idea and I would be more than happy to help anybody who needs somebody to care for their birds while away - only it needs to be within a certain distance and I am in NE USA - but we do have Australian members who might be interested!