Parrot Potty Training

Good Morning;
I have a question for all. I’m lucky enough to adapt a TAG for a rescue, he’s 2 yrs old and his name is Zeus. I was told by the rescue owner that I should not potty train any parrot because the parrot will only go on command and if I’m not available the parrot will not go and relieve himself, that will be bad since the parrot will be backed-up and might need emergency vet care. Is this true, the parrot will only go if you tell hem to but will not to if you’re not around to the degree that he will be backed-up? Please help from anyone who is successfully potty trained his/her parrot. thanks and appreciated.

Some of my birds have potty trained themselves to a point. My u2 when I hold him will not go poop unless I hold him over a trashcan or out him in his cage and say go poop (or when we go places before we go inside I will tell him to go poop). When he gets excited and is playing sometimes he forgets to go to his stand or go into his cage and will start to squat I tell him to hold on and I will take him to go poop and he will hold it till we get to a spot he is okay with going. My other two bigger birds also will not go on me but they dont really care where they are other than on me. If I am holding them I make sure to put them down on a stand to go poop every so often so they aren’t holding it too long. My littles are happy to poop where ever and when ever. I have never had a bird need vet care because they were potty trained. I would just make sure they are okay with going when in their cage and on their stand. Have access to a spot you designated at all times (each room have a place they can get to on their own to go).

thanks you so much for your reply; so from your replay I get is that if the parrots are trained to go in their cages or a perch, they will relieve themselves there even regardless if you are around to tell them or not.

Yep. I have never heard of a bird not. Now my one tiel when she has eggs in her cage she tries to hold her poop in the cage. But I never taught her and she really only does when she has an egg (even though she never hatches them)