Parrot rescues in Washington

since i have decided that i will not get a bird until i have moved out, i am trying to find parrot rescues in the western Washington area that i can volunteer at. i live in Poulsbo, but any where in Kitsap county is accessible. i am having a really hard time finding a rescue near me that is basically all birds. if any one in my area who knows of a parrot rescue could let me know, that would be great!thanks!

i found one! its called Shelton And Mason County Parrot Rescue. but, you have to be at least thirteen to volunteer. so i will have to wait for a year. in the meantime i will volunteer at a breeder near me (not to breed, just to help out with the cages, birds, etc.).here is the link in case any one wanted to check it out.

Sounds like you have a plan good luck and I’m happy to hear you will be helping parrots in need!

thanks Eurycerus, im happy too.