Parrot stories, volume 1...available now

Parrot stories, volume 1…available now.ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME PLEASE…THANK YOU TO ALL THAT LET US USE YOUR STORIES.Some of you may recall that for the past few years I have been involved with a project of finding interesting and informative parrot stories, from those who know their parrots best. Well, our first compilation has been completed and is available as an online PDF E-book.For those considering inviting a parrot into your life or those who may be new to companion parrots, this series will offer readers an owners’ unique insights into living with these beautiful birds.Volume 1 contains:· Stories of good things that have happened to your parrot(s)· Stories of bad things that have happened to your parrot(s)· Stories of funny things your parrot(s) have done· Stories of sad things that have happened to your parrot(s)The compilers have included Editor’s Notes with various stories and they have inserted informational sidebars throughout the volume.PLEASE pass it on to any other groups you belong to.This first volume of a six PDF series is available at:…-volume-1.htmlVolume 1 contains 0 B & W Images, 69 Color Images, 20 Informational Sidebars, 81 Pages, 82 Stories, and 26,900 Words.