Parrots and Travel

Do you travel with your parrots? If so, how do you manage them, where do you take them, what kind of accommodations do you make?If not, how do you have them cared for when you travel without them? What kinds of problems arise? How are they dealt with? In either case what’s the longest you’ve traveled with or without your bird?

They come with me to the Parrot club meetings in which case I put them in pet carriers such as this one: I go away, I don’t then to bring my birds; my parents will usually bird sit for me. I use the same carrier to bring them to my parents and they stay in parrot cages over there. They are in a different room from the rest of my mom’s flock, except for Piper who goes back with the other lovebirds.The first time I bring a bird to be bird sat at my parents, they are a little nervous; new setting, new environment, semi-strangers. My rehomes were especially nervous but I think having the others around makes them less nervous. I try not to separate the flock so they at least have each other.Longest I’ve been without my birds? Maybe a week? If it was an entire week…

I have taken my birds on car rides, day trips, airplane flying, and even a few weekend outings. It’s definitely an excellent socialization experience for the birds. They are much mellower and curious.I stopped taking Kili out on outings for a while though because she can fly now but not that well. Her recalls are unreliable and her landings spotty. I’ve started to introduce outings again slowly recently but I think it will be at least a few more months of indoor freeflight and recall training before I take her out as often again. It seems though that when she is with me, she has no need to fly. It’s only flying to me or away from danger that she uses her wings for.

I’ve seem that video where you had Kili out in your car (well one video in case you have more than one).As cool as it seems, I don’t think I would have mine free in the car.As much as some could seem to be well behaved and calm, something could easily spook them and then it could mean trouble. Either them flying around and causing you to get into an accident; either them ending up beneath one of the pedals…or there is also the possibility of getting in an accident by no fault of the bird and with them being loose, they could end up more hurt. To each their own really, but I don’t think I would want to risk it. I have them in their carriers and those carriers are buckled in.As for bringing them on a plane, unless I’ll be moving, I don’t I’ll do it because a) I have too many birds and would exceed my carry on capacity and 2) given the number I have, it would probably end up being costly.

First off when I did take Kili in the car she was clipped and clung onto me with a killer grip. Second of all she I understand that my first commitment is to driving no matter what.Surprisingly, Kili doesn’t get scared at all. I don’t think she has a strong perception of what is going on outside but enjoys sitting on my shoulder. She is socialized and desensitized to the car situation since she was clipped so coming back from the bird store (from the recent story) I let her sit on my shoulder for a little while until I reached the highway. I only do it when I’m on a road with traffic lights cause that gives me a chance to stop and put her away if I need to. This was the first time I let her out in car since she has become flighted and she acted just as usual and did not make a single effort to fly. Since she is good in the car I wasn’t afraid of taking her in airplane and she likes it too. Generally my biggest concerns are:1) Other people2) Pooping on my clothesThis is why I only take her when I am alone or closely familiar people that know how to be around bird. As for pooping on me, it has happened. I always bring paper towels with me and try not to leave her out for intervals greater than 10 minutes at a time. I honestly do not see an issue with having her out like that and I do trust her. Duke on the other hand, Kathleen was just holding him out briefly and he flew across the car and my lap and landed in the driver side door pocket and I had to reach around and grab for him! I don’t trust that bird out in the car one bit.

Oh I didn’t want to seem to sound like I was saying you were a bad bird owner or anything.This is why I said to each their own. You know your situation, I know mine.Personally, evaluating the pros and cons about driving with (my) birds out, I don’t think the pros outweigh the cons, hence why I wouldn’t try it.

That’s fine. That’s actually quite important to be able to know what you can and cannot do with your birds. I feel comfortable with her out and I know that I can get her into her carrier from my shoulder in a heartbeat and she won’t fight me about it. If I had one doubt, I would not have taken her out while flying an airplane. But if you watch the videos you can see that she is actually really relaxed and happy!

This summer we went on a 3-week vacation. Taking the bird with us was not an option (lots of driving, several border crossings, several locations). We had to find a solution to have Crackie taken care of. We have no relatives nearby so all we could do is ask a neighbor to check ever so often and refill the water and food.To reduce boredom, I supplied all possible and non-dangerous toys and I left the radio on to provide some background noise.When we returned all appeared to be fine in general. On a closer look I noticed that the bird had gotten more reserved, less cooperative, less patient. She wasn’t willing to perform any tricks for about 2 weeks. It took her about a month to get completely re-accustomed to our presence.What do you do if you leave for a longer time? Have you noticed any impact on the birds?

I haven’t gone 3 straight weeks away from my bird but 1-2 week durations no problem. When I’d get back she gets SOO happy to see me and just wants to be with me the entire time. She’ll do her tricks perfectly even if she isn’t hungry. I guess she gets bored and gets excited to be out and see me when I return PS I moved your post cause we already had this topic.

I have never gone for a very long time, I think the longest was a week.My birds end up at my parents’ place. Shade and Piper knew it because I had got them before I moved out. My other birds might be a bit nervous on the first day on their first visit but after do pretty well over there and I know my mom gives them excellent care.They are happy to see my boyfriend and I and to come home though.