Parrots, chickens, snakes, etc

They were acting on a warrant for something else and found over 2,000 animals in TERRIBLE conditions in a warehouse - more than 1,000 already dead! They say they don’t know what they were doing with the animals but my guess is they were selling or breeding them… We need better laws!!! … uring-arr/

We need laws like they have in Sweden. Critters have rights there.

They need to be put in prison for the rest of there lives and maybe that might detour the next piece of garbage from doing the same thing.

Yes, to both comments but, in order for things to get better for animals, we need to change the laws and that means taking active part on the process because PIJAC pretty much lobbies politicians incessantly to ‘kill’ any change in the animal cruelty laws or their legal status with the very active help of the veterinarians who don’t want the animals to have any rights whatsoever so they won’t be sued for malpractice [sad but true! We think vets love animals but they love their pockets more, apparently].