Parrots free-roam in household

I’ve had free-roaming rabbits, tortoises, monitor lizards in my home. I don’t keep toxic plants in any of the rooms accessible by my birds, generally electric cords and cables are hidden from view, and overall my house is pretty “pet proof” that is to say, I don’t feel too bad if anything gets chewed, broken, or destroyed. Of course all of this is dependant on the habits of the animals that are allowed to free-roam.My Chica is so incredibly well behaved (so long as I give her a stack of newspaper or a phone book to play with for the day, the one day I forgot to she decided that a novel off of the bookshelf would make a good substitution) She has a cage with a playtop, lots of toys, and a big tree next to her cage as well. That’s “her spot” and she basically spends the whole day there. I hide nuts and seeds inside a few knotted rope toys for her to find. Her cage door is never closed unless I have house-guests over (my BF’s grandmother is afraid of birds, and some of our little nephews & nieces are too small/unruly to safely interact with a bird that size) I think part of what works in allowing her to have free-roam is the fact that she’s only alone for about 4hrs a day from when my boyfriend leaves for work, to when I get home. Plus in general she’s VERY well behaved.My Aliah on the other hand must unfortunately be caged whenever we’re not home to supervise. I have 2 cats, whom I wouldn’t trust not to mess with her if she decided to fly around around them, and she’s small enough they would consider her prey (Chica they’re afraid of). She has a strange fascination with buttons and keys on any and all types of electronics (computer keys, phone buttons, TV remote, PS3 controller have all been replaced at least one time because of her) She also chews EVERYTHING, wood, plastic, paper, electrical cords. She throws stuff off of counters, even climbs down the handle for the fridge to pry all the magnets off the door. One day of leaving her shut in the bedroom uncaged while I was driving to swap out her cage for a new one left me with a pile of beads from several pieces of jewelry, curtan rod pulled off the window, a shredded window jam, 3 books knocked off a shelf, and water from the fish tank splashed all over the wall (yes she BATHES IN THE FISHTANK intentionally!) We have to cover her at night because she gets cranky with lights on after 8:30pm (we stay up until 11-12 most of the time)I’m curious who else here has free-roaming birds in your home. Do you have some birds that just CAN’T be trusted not to get into mischief, do you have others that are well-behaved angels that get pretty much all the same house-roaming privileges as a cat or dog?

yes mine are free 12 hours a day cages are open by 8 am until 8 pm daily. no cords out,cat and dog were raised from babies with birds,fishtank has to be covered in my house since i’ve seen them try to pull wild animals into pond outside.your ringneck sounds like a little terror he did more damage than my cockatoo!

Rambo and Myrtle are not caged. If they become a pest with company I close them in the sunroom. Destruction must be the second name for a parrot. I check on them the same as I would kids to keep them from getting into things. The worst place is my desk. Myrtle steals and destroys.