Parrots in Film and Television

I’m watching Iron Man 2 right now which features a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and the other day I watched Dragonfly which featured a heavily plucked Hyacinth Macaw. Can anybody think of any others? I find it interesting to watch parrots in film… they never have them in proper cages and I find myself ridiculing the characters for taking care of their parrots improperly! I heard about a cockatoo in a recent film with Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart (can’t think of the name of the movie) that they try to set free in the end. I haven’t seen it but I think it would make me angry. It’s a terrible idea to put out there that it’s okay to set hand tame parrots free! So, what other movies/t.v. shows have parrots?

I can’t think of any off-hand, but in the movie Along Came Polly it PISSED ME OFF that the ferret made rodent noises. Ferrets don’t sound like that at all!!! That and in the Harry Potter Goblet of Fire film, they had the ferret squeaking. Ferrets don’t squeak, they dook! Seriously though…lol gets off soapbox

All good except the Norwegian Blue and Iago. I’m thinking of live parrots. I refuse to watch the Ace Ventura movies based on the fact that I have good taste. I never saw Paulie though I know it features a Blue Crown Conure and is supposed to be pretty cute. Any others? I saw something not long ago that had an Eclectus in it but I can’t remember what it was. I also saw a t.v. show that took place in Miami and had a bunch of parrots in a backyard including Macaws. Maybe it was Dexter but I’m not sure.

There are plenty of other films where I’ve noticed a parrot but that’s only something you can be aware of by watching a lot of films and spotting them yourself. I really haven’t kept track of ones I’ve seen. I’ve usually just noticed ones in the background many times. It’s easier to find parrots that are more central to a film’s plot.

in ‘pushing up daisies’ there are a bunch of birds in oddly shaped cages in the aunts home…? its been a while since I’ve seen it though… I dunno if any parrots had remotely significant roles. My parents like to watch ‘agatha christies peroe’ or something along those lines. its basically a detective show and there was an amazon in a small round cage one episode that lent some comedic elements to it

I think that would be Hercule Poirot…

yes! poirot not peroe

Are you sure you aren’t thinking of Hercule Christie Entranced? Kathleen, I just started this thread on a whim because I figured we could all pool our knowledge and it might lead to some interesting discussions. Or not. I have noticed tons of parrots in backgrounds as well and I can’t remember what shows they are in so I figured maybe somebody else might know of some interesting parrot cameos.

Saw a Cockatoo in an episode of Two and a Half Men on Monday night. And I agree pchela … TV is not realistic about how parrots are housed. This Cockatoo was on stand with only one perch … not even sure if I recall there being food/water bowls. It was very poorly done because they were trying to make it look like the parrot was talking, but the beak wasn’t even moving at all. It did do a few tricks like waving. It was maybe in the show for a minute.