Parrots naming their babies

We had already learned that parrots name their babies in the nest and that these babies continue using their name for the rest of their lives. But this is a study that goes further than that because itprobed a couple more things: 1) whether the babies choose the names and the parents use them or whether the parents name them and the babies continue using them - and 2) whether the names had a familiar or flock root or just arbitrary. VERY interesting and proving, once more, how very similar they are to us! Sorry I haven’t posted any articles for the last few days but I had to go out and buy a new laptop as mine would have cost over $400 to fix (how ridiculous is that?!) and I am still learning how to use it.

I watched a video of that but it was finches naming their babies and the babies talking to the mother through the egg

Loved the video, it was very informative. Between the article, which I also enjoyed, it also is suggesting a thing that I have long held about our parrots, that is that they know who they are, sense of identity or of being an individual and that they may indeed be self aware. I had started a topic asking what others thought about this. Not yet proof, but at least science is recognizing the possibility of this in our parrots.

Oh, yes, there is no doubt that they do know they are individuals and that they recognize themselves as been separate from ‘all others’!