Pavlov's Parrot

Sparky hears the crackle of my M&M’s packet and flies into my office from the top of his cage in the next room over. (Not that he’s allowed any, but gotta love a trier LOL)What does your parrot do without you encouraging it?

When I’m at my best friend’s house, I pretty much hog her cockatiel all to myself. Of course, at our sleepovers there is lots of junk food. Sunny sits on my shoulder and whenever I eat a chip/candy/pretzel/etc., he leans waaaaaay over and tries to take it before it goes in my mouth. Being so small, he can’t reach that far but it’s pretty funny to watch him try. I usually give him a NutriBerry or a tiny nibble of whatever healthy snacks we have (like carrot sticks) just so he doesn’t feel left out!

Rambo came to me with a love of jelly beans. Every once in a while I will give him one of the tiny ones. One evening when my buddies came over to play poker we had M&Ms on the table. He jumped on the table, grabbed one and took of running with it. I had to run him down. The bright colors made him think we had jelly beans and were not sharing.