Peregrine Falcons

Thought some of you might be interested in seeing some pictures of Brandon’s falcons! Please click on the link below to view the photos, taken by a local nature enthusiast:, MB has 1 pair of Peregrines and they are involved in the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project. Their nest box is located on the building that the company I work for used to be located in. This year Hurricane (F) and Brooklyn (M) had two chicks. Unfortunately, both chicks died shortly after fledging. The male, Brooklyn, was hatched and raised 3 years ago on the McKenzie Seeds building where him and Hurricane nested this year. The pair left a couple weeks ago for the season and hopefully they’ll both return safe in the spring!

Fantastic effort! Regal birds and owners (: Keep us updated!

Thanks for sharing that!

thanks for sharing! those are some really fantastic shots.This is especially interesting to me though since I should start learning to handle the peregrine falcon where I volunteer at soon