Pets with human names

and their stories. … e/11501972PS Most of my pets have human names but I do have three dogs (Sweety, Baby and Chicho), one cat (Raya) and two birds (Epuish and Keku) that don’t. The dogs ended up with those names because they came as adults and, as we did not know their ‘real’ name, I tried different ones and they responded to the terms of endearment ones - Chicho (short for Pichicho) is another way of saying ‘dog’ back homes and usually reserved for mutts. The cat was a feral which I always name based on what they look like, she is a brown tabby so we called her ’ la rayada’ (the stripped one) which became Raya when we brought her indoors, and the birds told me those were their names and not the ones they had come with

I try to give my birds names by personality or appearance. Shadow is my oldest. He was my only gray . My others at that time were all yellow.Phoenix is named so he could rise from the ashes once he was with me.Impy came to me as Gimpy which I did not like. He is an Imp.Wolf named Andy. He came with an Amos.Other than Louise, those with human names came with them.