Photobucket Debacle

Photobucket has inactivated the photos I posted in the early pages here. I started using Imgur at some point, thank GAWD!But I can’t and won’t afford the nearly $400 yearly that Photobucket wants to reactivate my photos. This is having disastrous effects in Forums everywhere. The first many pages of my stuff here is now pretty much ruined.Moderators, if you need to delete the now-pictureless posts, I totally understand.I’d like to choke Photobucket!

Don’t they turn it off when you reach your usage limit for the month but then re activate next month till it is used?

This is a whole new horror.They forbid third party posting unless you pony up 400 bucks. People are grieving all over the world. Blogs, tutorials, outreachers… lives’ work lost. I have little understanding past that…