Photographing bids in flight

Do you guys have any advice on how to get good pictures of birds in flight? I’m having issues focusing. Should I just pick a spot to focus on and cue the bird to fly through it?

That would probably be your best bet. Try to focus your lens about where you think the bird will be in frame where you take your shot. If you have a continuous shot setting (that will let your camera shoot several photos consecutively), that will also make it easier for you to capture the shot.A problem you may be experiencing is motion blur because of how fast the parrot is moving. You can offset this problem by shooting at a fast shutter speed. Most digital cameras will set their shutter speed automatically, but you can try to force it to use its fastest setting by looking for a mode customized for sports. If not, you can also look into your camera’s AE settings, and put it on shutter priority.Hope that helps trick is to:A) Have as much light as possibleB) Stay wide, crop in laterC) Second curtain sync flashD) Fast apertureE) Manual focus on expected area

Here’s a picture I attempted.

Woohoo, very good I’m concerned your birdy only has 1 wing though Your bird is gorgeous