Pictures of Loki

Loki enjoying a drive to the toy store (I got him shreddables)And Loki showing off his new tail feather (he had none when we got him).I love this bird.

Loki is a good name for a gray. He is your baby.

Awwww, poor baby with no tail! You know he’s a mix and not a pure Congo, right?

Pajarita wrote:Awwww, poor baby with no tail! You know he’s a mix and not a pure Congo, right?I thought he was a timneh.

These are the best pics of Loki that you have posted and while the beak and the darker grey of some of his feathers say that he is a Timneh, the tail feather and the rest of the grey feathers and to me the edges of the grey feather say Congo. But I am still young to the world of parrots and can’t tell very well some of the crosses and mutations. In the first picture, he looks like a Congo with the exception of his beak and in the second one the color of the tail feather is an exact match for Kookooloo’s tail feathers.

Nope, not a pure Timneh, a mix of the two. Wolf is right on what gave him away:- bright red tail feather (Timnehs’ are much, much darker)- bigger size (he is almost as big as a Congo, it seems to me)- body plumage too light to be a Timneh

He’s not as big as the congos I’ve dealt with, that’s for sure.And he’s a hybrid, it’s perfect to name him Loki then! All the more reason to love him!

I didn’t even know it was possible to mix greys.

oh now i see the pics!He is beautiful! I wish lily or delight were as calm about going to new places as Loki!