Places You Take Your Birds

What types of places do you take your bird? Do you call ahead or ask ahead to make sure wherever you’re going is pet friendly or do you just go and leave if someone says something? I’m having a hard time finding places to take Cheney Bird, and I see so many other people in forums posting about how they took their bird to a farmer’s market or a grocery store or whatever. Have any of you ever done something like this? If you have, have people ever said anything about the bird being with you?

I normally take Jake everywhere except places that have health regulations, grocery store, restaurant , those type of places. Jake just got back from lumber yard,auto parts store, bank and of course the liquor store (where she’s not allowed but they love her), we did have to wait while Josie went into the grocery store.When i was younger she went to class (college) ,bar hopping,dates,parties all that crazy sort of stuff. Josie has even passed her thru the drawer at the drive thru at the bank.

Juniper goes with me in the car on days I know I don’t have to get out of the car, like to pick up my kid from school/drop him off at school or hit the bank drive thru, that kind of thing. I also take her to petsmart/bird store and the local pet store. She gets lots of attention!

I took Chico so far for a walk in the forest(we was walking, she enjoyed), and I take her now almost every day for a walk in the neighborhood after work. If you don’t have the public places to go with Cheney Bird do the simple think: walk him in close to where you live

I wonder if you can take birds to restaurants with outside seating where they sometimes allow dogs?

Camping, hiking, farmers markets, Home Depot (they’re actually very pet friendly), Walmart (not very pet friendly, but they’re not very observant), restaurants w/ outdoor seating. I’ve never been given the boot anywhere with a bird. I got the boot once, but I had a rat on my shoulder.Conures go down the shirt for easy hiding.

Now when you guys say you take them places, in what respect exactly is that? With the harness or simply pirate style? Eh? I guess nobody has the worry that their bird will flitter off their person when they visit public places…?

Generally I only take them to places I know I can still pay some attention to them. If it’s some place where I’ll be really busy, the last thing I need is poop running down my neck and nibbles on my ear. But if I’m going some place for the heck of it I bring my bird(s). I walk around my neighborhood with them, video store, parks, hardware store. Mainly it’s food places you want to avoid because they have health laws and no need to make them uncomfortable. I did stick my head into a bakery though with Truman on my shoulder and asked them to make the sale at the door so I wouldn’t have to go in. I think the employees were more busy checking out the bird and laughing about it.I’ve brought the parrots to high school reunion events and I even bring Kili to carnivals. Also I’ve taken my parrots to airports and flying in airplanes. Pilots get jealous I have a copilot with wings.I use and combination of harness, carrier, and travel cage for transporting the parrots safely. I also bring them with me to different people’s houses and even a college dorm. Each of these experiences has helped shape them into calm and people friendly parrots.The fresh air, socialization, and desensitization to new things is really valuable. I avoid bringing them to places (mainly food related) where it is likely to cause trouble. But never once have I gotten trouble for bringing them the places that I have, mainly just curiosity or not noticing.

I called the farmer’s market earlier to see if I could bring Cheney Bird with me, and the lady said they’ve never had a bird before so she didn’t really know. It’s an indoor farmer’s market, but I think I still may take him. I figure they have live cattle their pretty often, so a bird should be no big deal.

You don’t call! Are you kidding me? You just show up and waltz right through while everyone’s jaw is dropped.If you “ask” they’ll always fallback on the conservative approach of telling you it’s just better not to bring it but when you’re already there people just melt away at the sight of a cute little birdie.