Pleasanton Bird Expo Aug 19th

Heads up- Pleasanton Bird Expo is Aug 19th at the Pleasanton Ca Fairgrounds! If it’s anything like the San Jose Expo there will be thousands of toys and accessries for super cheap! Thought I’d give everyone a heads up- it’s a great chance to do some bargain shopping!

You’re in NorCal? That’s super neat. I thought I was all alone in California :slight_smile:

Just the customary word of caution when buying supplies or touching or buying birds from a thing like this—there IS a rather significant disease risk in places like this.Be careful and at the very least disinfect or quarantine any supplies or animals as well as avoiding touching your birds before your hands are washed and your clothes changed.

Yup I’m in NorCal- Bay Area Can’t wait for the 19th!