Please Help....Advice?

Hi, I Have a Indian ringneck callled Mitho he is 4 months old and I really need your help. I bought this bird from a breeder 3 days ago the breeder said that he is Tame. He is kind of tame he doesn’t bite but he is really scared of everyone he never sits in his cage or outside he just keeps running around he sometimes eat from hand and he sometimes comes to your hand but sometimes he screams he wings are not clipped but he can’t fly I don’t know why… And also he doesn’t hold food from his hand like the other Indian ringnecks do the hold food from hand and eat. My doesn’t! Plz help in all questions!Thanks

Hi you have only had this bird for 3 days so I think you are expecting too much for now. He is bound to be scared because he has a new home, new human and new surroundings. Have patience and everything will come in time. You have to earn his trust before he will settle, talk to him kindly and don’t try to force him to come to you, he will when he’s ready.Someone else will come along soon with more information to help.Welcome both of you to forum, there are wonderful,knowledgeable and helpful people here willing to help.

Please take the time to read this topic as it describes what I would do to help this bird to get past its fear and become hand tame. I wrote it in response to a similar problem for another member of the forum and I am sure that it will help you and your bird. viewtopic.php?f=11&t=15840

Yes, I agree with both Lady and Wolf so just one more comment for you. You need to catch him and put him in his cage. This is going to be very upsetting for him but you have no choice because, as it is, you can’t tell if he is eating enough or the right kind of food (you need to give him warm, soft food served fresh twice a day as well as raw produce and cooked whole grains) and, besides, even though I believe in allowing birds hours and hours of out-of-cage time, they need to be confined when they first come to us. It’s for the bird’s safety and benefit and it will allow you to start him getting used to your presence. Wait until it’s completely dark and go into the room where he is with a flashlight (I would also keep my eye on him to see where he is when it’s getting dark) and towel him so you can put him in his cage. And keep him there for the next week or two (play it by ear but don’t let him out until he is no longer scared of you).